Intromark Incorporated recently attended various industry tradeshows, including the National Hardware Show, the National Stationary Show, and the National Restaurant Show. Over the course of only one month, they added 93 new companies to the InventHelp Data Bank, which is comprised of companies that have agreed to review its clients’ inventions in confidence.

“Companies benefit from joining our Data Bank because we serve as a source of external innovation to complement their internal product development efforts,” said Chris Rosleck, Licensing Director of Intromark. “They receive access to review inventions and new product ideas in their particular areas of interest.”

Companies registered in the InventHelp Data Bank cover a variety of fields and range in size, but are mostly small to medium-sized companies. InventHelp is not aware of any other invention services firm that has access to a similar database.

“Expanding the Data Bank is important as it is the gateway for an invention to be reviewed in confidence and potentially added to a company’s product line,” added Rosleck. “Different companies will have different evaluations of an invention so it’s exciting to get the companies’ feedback and share their comments with inventors.”

With more than 8,000 registered companies, InventHelp can offer benefits to its inventors through the InventHelp Data Bank. If a company expresses interest in an InventHelp client’s invention, they would work directly with Intromark.