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Why iPad 3 Will Have Siri

Published: Monday, December 05, 2011 12:28 PM EST     7188 Views
Author: Nicole Hait
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The iPad 3 will have Siri because it is the final step in creating the most user friendly computer, a journey which began over 30 years ago…

The Graphical User Interface Comes to the Macintosh

In December 1979 Steve Jobs saw, for the first time in his life, a graphical user interface (GUI) at XEROX PARC, which was being used on the Xerox Alto computer. A graphical user interface is what you are seeing right now: a computer screen with icons, re-sizable windows, etc., instead of written text commands. He said that he was so blown away by it that he knew that Apple had to adopt similar interfaces for its computers. Otherwise, it might cease to exist. He was right, because, in 1984, Apple came out with the Macintosh, the first affordable computer with GUI. These days, any computer that doesn’t have GUI is, for most people, not a computer.

Touch Screen Computing Begins With iPhone and iPad

In 2005 Steve Jobs decided to get rid of the keyboard and mouse and asked his Apple engineers to create a tablet with a special operating system, which utilized only one’s fingers. The operating system and glass tablet were created and Steve Jobs decided to use the multi-touch interface for the phone rather than the tablet, which was to be released 5 years later as the iPad. Although both the iPhone and iPad were released to much skepticism, Jobs predicted the future once again when he realized, through his own genius, that eliminating the keyboard and mouse were the most logical things to do. Touchscreen smartphones and tablets are already replacing sales of desktop computers.

Voice Assistant Comes to iPhone (and) iPad

In 2010 Steve Jobs called Dag Kittlaus to discuss the acquisition of his startup, Siri, a project which he had been working on since 2007. Apple bought the startup and spent a year on tinkering with Siri before making it available for the iPhone 4S. Sooner or later, Siri will be introduced on the iPad as well because it represents the next logical progression: a touch screen tablet with voice assistant AI, reminiscent of what Apple predicted for itself in this 1987 concept video.

Steve Jobs did not invent the GUI, he did not invent the concept of a touchscreen tablet, he did not invent voice assistants. He foresaw the future of computing, and led the efforts to make his visions a reality.

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